The Third Annual Water Resources and Renewable Energy conference at AUT on World Water Day

Under the auspices of HE the Minister of Energy and Water, Mr Arthur Nazarian, AUT gathered scientists, university professors, civil and military authorities in addition to students for a conference on World Water Day.

The Director General of the Ministry Dr Fadi Comair detailed the ministry plan for water rehabilitation which includes dam building and water network repair in addition to new regulations on irrigation and answered questios from the audience concerning the implementation of the Water National Strategic Plan.

AUT President Ghada Hinain opened the conference after a word by the dean of applied Sciences and urged the public and private sectors to intensify their contacts in order to find solutions for the pressing needs for better water quality in Lebanon. She also underlined the scientific roe played by AUT in the field of water, pledging continuous effort to bridge the gap between the public and private sectors and to contribute effectively to the collective effort needed to remedy the situation.
UNESCO’s Institute for water Education Dr Pieter van der Zaag showed the audience examples of innovation around th world to detect and manage water resources and urged to Lebanese to act swiftly to find suitable slouton for water shortage and quality.
AUT’s Water Resources department coordinator Dr Marc Saadeh then led a workshop on sea water intrusion concurrently with other workshops around various themes: water quality for the food industry, conflicts due to water distribution, new technologies in water treatment, renewable energy and effective water management.

AUT students majoring in Water Resources Sciences had the chance to speak directly to decision makers in both sectors and get to know more about the 2000 jobs available in the water industry over the next 4 years.

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