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Why Choose Us

The AUT Advantage

High-quality education at an affordable cost.


AUT offers high-quality education at a reasonable cost, much lower than the cost of a university of a similar level. Financial aid is also available.

Attention to Students

With classes that have a small number of students, AUT maintains an ideal student to faculty ratio (18 to 1), creating an engaging learning environment, and allowing teachers to provide individual attention to their students.

Strong Partnerships

AUT has established partnerships with prestigious universities in the world and with leading local companies and the public sector in Lebanon.

Student Support

AUT has a dedicated Student Affairs Office that provides all kinds of support to students throughout their academic journey, from the day they join AUT until they are hired.

Cutting-edge Programs

AUT keeps watch over employment trends in Lebanon and in the world, and its academic programs are regularly revised and updated to keep pace with the changing requirements of the labor market.

Market-ready Graduates

AUT graduates are team players, creative and problem-solving, ready for the business environment of the 21st century. Thanks to their hands-on training and internships, they already have a foot in the working world.

A Pioneer of Active Learning
What Makes Us Different

A Transformational Learning Experience

In our charming campus overlooking the sea, amidst the greenery, our students enjoy a new type of education.

AUT is a pioneer and leading proponent of active learning. Students are actively involved in the learning process through classroom interaction, information gathering, problem-solving tasks, hands-on activities, projects, and teamwork. Students learn more when they are actively engaged in the learning process, and they learn to apply their knowledge.

Active learning stands in contrast to traditional methods of education. In traditional, teacher-centered, instruction, the teacher imparts knowledge to the students, who passively receive the information, and are expected to memorize it. Students are treated as machines to be fed knowledge. Obviously, traditional education is no longer adequate, and does not prepare students for success in today’s world. Moreover, it stifles critical thinking and creativity.


What Our Students Say

Our graduates speak for us.

AUT holds a special place in my heart. AUT is not just a university; AUT is a spirit. As a token of my appreciation, and in recognition of the valuable education I received at AUT, I would like to give back to the university and its students.
Raymond Yaghi
Business Manager at Iterates, Dubai, UAE
I loved everything about AUT. The teachers were amazing. They were very patient and willing to give us one-on-one help when needed. They were not only teachers; they were more like friends. AUT was literally my second home.
Mirna Barakeh
Interior Designer, Ghana
At AUT you feel you’re part of a family. The mixture between international experience and academic level can only create successful people in the future.
Nazih Youssef
CEO of Bahri Balloré Logistics, Saudi Arabia
Instructors have excellent academic backgrounds and experience in the field. The presentations about careers in Logistics were very informative. I learned a lot, and I was able to network with professionals.
François Mezher
Transport Management & Logistics Student
AUT News

Latest News

There is always something going on at AUT.

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