Student Life

Education Is Not Confined to the Classroom

The personal development of the students is as important as their academic training.
AUT provides a fun and healthy campus environment where students enjoy a stimulating and enriching university experience.
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Student Support

The Student Center provides all kinds of support to students throughout their academic journey, from the day they join AUT until they are hired after graduation.

Career Guidance

We help students who want to change their major find a more suitable major, based on their interests and abilities, as well as current market trends.

First-Year Support

We offer support to first-year students to overcome any difficulties they may encounter, whether academic or social and emotional, in order to make their integration into the university easier.

Work Study

Work Study gives students the opportunity to work part-time on campus to help them pay for their education and acquire work experience. Students are placed in the appropriate job, based on their majors, inclinations, and the needs of the various offices or faculties. Work schedules are set for them that do not conflict with their courses.

Peer Tutoring

Senior—or academically excelling—students help other students who are facing difficulties in some courses. We coordinate with the Faculties to assign student tutors in various majors, and we schedule and supervise peer tutoring sessions.


We give advice and support to students to help them deal with personal problems. We make students feel comfortable, listen to them, identify their problems, organize a counseling plan that includes multiple visits, and monitor their progress.


We find appropriate jobs for graduating students, as well as internships for senior students. We also assist students in résumé writing and train them for job interviews.


The Student Center oversees the work of student clubs and helps establish new ones. There are clubs for sports, social issues, and other areas of interest to students.
Students will have the opportunity to interact with peers who have similar interests, and they will develop their leadership skills.


AUT organizes a large number of activities each year—artistic, cultural, humanitarian, and sports.
Students get exposed to new ideas; they acquire new tastes, which expands their intellectual horizon and makes them more tolerant and respectful of the beliefs of others. Moreover, activities of a humanitarian nature develop in students a sense of responsibility towards society and encourage them to reach out to the community and serve it.
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