Retention of Depositors Money in Lebanese Banks: An Academic Approach

With eight activists and prominent economists on a panel, AUT offered a space for an academic perspective on the recuperation of depositors’ money in Lebanese banks. The discussion led by AUT Dean of Business Dr Pierre Al-Khoury included Minister Issam Sharafeddine who expressed his disagreement with the Lebanese cabinet policy in this regard, being himself an activist for deposits retention and recuperation. Other panelists detailed the actions they took and the means they see most suitable for people to get their money back. AUT President Ghada Hinain welcomed participants and urged them to issue recommendations that can contribute to an effective solution to this problem that affects most Lebanese families.

The participants in the panel were:

  • Dr. Mounir Rached, former chief economist at the IMF, and professor at AUB.
  • Mr. Richard Pharaon, prominent activist (videotaped from France).
  • Dr. Mohammed Abou El Hassan, banking executive and lecturer at AUT and Haigazian College.
  • Mr. Richard Abou Jaoudé, activist.
  • Mr. Samer Boustany, expert in money laundering and organized crime.
  • Me. Toufic Rahi, attorney at law.
  • Mr. Gaby Gebrayel, former Governor of Lions Clubs.

The audience included AUT students and staff, and many guests. The event was organized in collaboration with Jbeil Universal Lions Club and with Kaslik Marine Lions Club.

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