What Is Management?

Management is the art and science of making sure everything in an organization works well to achieve its goals. It’s about planning and organizing work, and leading people. General managers are like orchestra conductors, making sure that all parts of an organization play together for success.

Learning Outcomes

Students learn business principles, and are trained in leadership and decision-making. Through case studies and real-life situations, they gain practical skills in planning, team management, and problem-solving.

Career Opportunities

Management graduates find jobs in a variety of organizations, from big companies to non-profit organizations. They can also work in the public sector. They may work as project managers, operations managers, and human resources managers. They may even start their own business.

Converse With the Great Economists


To Graduate

Major Core Requirements: 40 Credits
Specialization Course Requirements: 24 Credits
General Education Requirements (GER): 26 Credits
Free Electives: 6 Credits
Foreign Language Course: 3 Credits
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