Launch of EU-funded Techlog at AUT

In the scope of the European Union projects for the region of the East Mediterranean through Eni CBC MED, AUT launched the road traffic safety pilot Techlog, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The launch included signing MOUs with transport companies IPT, Coral Oil, Saad Transport, Transpetrol, and AKS Cargo, in addition to MOUs with the Zgharta Federation of Municipalities and the Halat Municipality.

MP Ziad Hawat inaugurated the simulator by driving over 15 minutes. The launch was attended by the signing companies’ representatives, the director of the CCIAB and the director of projects at CCIAB and the IT manager.

So far over 50 IPT drivers took the training and Coral oil drivers started October 26.

The pilot lasts till end of November 2023 and AUT will supply the EU with KPIs on safety, eco driving  and stress and fatigue. The pilot is conducted in Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy and Spain.

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