Higher Education Director General Visits AUT

AUT hosted a delegation from the Higher Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education headed by Director General Dr. Mazen Al Khatib on February 15. 

The visit started with a tour of the existing facilities and included the water lab, the biology and nutrition lab, the IT facilities and the audiovisual studios. Khatib met students and discussed with them topics related to computer science and technology, then checked the construction works that are in progress in the Agora building, as well as the vast green area where students activities are held. 

Khatib and the delegation then had a meeting with AUT President Ghada Hinain and the faculty deans and senior staff to discuss the latest ministry regulations and the means to be followed to evaluate academic programs and to license new majors.

Khatib promised a quick processing of the few pending files that AUT presented during his predecessor’s term, and congratulated AUT on its state-of-the-art labs and academic staff and on the ethical values followed at the university.

At the conclusion of the visit, President Hinain offered Dr. Khatib a book on Lebanon’s flora, published by AUT.

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