What is Economics

Economics helps you understand the world you live in. It prepares future graduates for various careers in the private and public sectors as well throughout the global labor market. Universities and research groups remain the largest employers of economists, followed by the public administration, in addition to international organizations such as UN, ESCWA, WFP. Further, graduates in economics can start their career as financial risk analyst, actuary, economic researcher, and financial consultant or join Central private Banks or higher educational institutions.

Careers in Economics

Economics requires analytical ability and involves work with abstract models as well as with real-life economic problems. In addition, economics is an excellent preparation for graduate study in: law, business administration, public administration, international relations, world business, and health administration.

Converse With the Great Economists


To Graduate

Major Core Requirements: 37 Credits
Specialization Course Requirements: 27 Credits
General Education Requirements (GER): 26 Credits
Free Electives: 6 Credits
Foreign Language Course: 3 Credits
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