Diabetes Campaign: Sixteen Towns and Villages Covered

The free diabetes screening campaign organized by AUT and the Lions Club has reached sixteen towns and villages: Halat, Jbeil, Blat, Amchit, Ghalboun, Nahr Ibrahim, Zgharta, Jounieh-Ghadir, Jounieh-Haret Sakher, Chahtoul, Chamat, Ras Masqa, Dahr al Ain, Halba-Akkar, Daroun, and Douma. More than a thousand persons were tested. There will be one last stop at the embassy of Colombia on the 17th of May.

AUT students participating in the campaign gave us their impressions.

Dia-Maria Jazalian: “The campaign helped find people who didn’t know they might have diabetes, encouraging them to consult a doctor.”

Tatiana Taoum: “This campaign was a great experience to me. My teammates and i learned how to deal with people, not letting them feel scared, and giving them advice and support. We had many cases of people who didn’t know they might have diabetes. We gave them advice to maintain a healthy diet, and asked them to see a doctor.”

Abla Karam: “It felt good to help raise awareness about early testing and healthy habits to prevent diabetes.”

Joelle Assaad: “I graduated from the Department of Nutrition one year ago. I participated in this campaign to help a large number of people check on their health.”

Yulie Daou: “I would like to emphasize the importance of practical training in addition to theoretical knowledge. This hands-on approach complements the knowledge acquired from textbooks, and bridges the gap between classroom learning and the real-world, making education more engaging and relevant.”

Read the National News Agency coverage of the campaign.

Watch the interview of Mr. Marcel Hinain, AUT VP for External Relations. on Charity Radio TV, on March 11, 2024.

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