Colombian Ambassador at AUT

The American University of Technology hosted the Colombian Ambassador to Lebanon, HE Edwin Ostos Alfonso, who was welcomed by Mr. Marcel Hinain, Vice President for External Relations, the deans of the university, and a number of professors, in the presence of the Executive Manager of Fabriano in Lebanon, Mr. Jean-Claude Nahas.

After a tour of the university during which VP Hinain briefed our  guest on the academic programs offered by AUT, the Colombian ambassador accepted an invitation to lunch in his honor.

Then a meeting was held in the Issam Fares Auditorium. Mr. Hinain began with a welcoming word in which he expressed his pleasure at this visit, and emphasized the importance for the students to get to know Colombia, especially that it is one of the four topics of the Fabriano art competition for this year.

Mr. Nahas spoke about the Fabriano annual art competition, and mentioned that AUT students won the competition last year.

Then the Colombian ambassador gave a detailed presentation about his country, drawing attention to some of its greatest figures, writers, artists, and celebrities, and underlining the prominent role of women in Colombia, especially in formulating foreign policy. He also talked about Colombia’s current growth, after the peace agreement that ended its fifty-five year civil war.

Read the National News Agency coverage of the visit.

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