AUT Iftar in the North

AUT-Tripoli Iftar Gathers 350 Guests

With the personal representatives of the Tripoli Mufti and the Maronite Bishop of Tripoli, 4 members of parliament. 2 former ministers, and 5 representatives of members of parliament, in addition to school principals and mayors from Tripoli, Zgharta, and Koura, AUT offered a pleasant evening with performances by the Fayha Choir, conducted by Maestro Barkev Taslakian, and twirling dervishes. 

AUT President Ghada Hinain extolled the advantages possessed by North Lebanon and Tripoli, then pointed that any progress of the Lebanese economy must pass by a transformation of higher education, detailing how AUT perceived this need and adopted since 2000 an active learning pedagogy to prepare graduates for the job market. She also explained how AUT interacts with industry leaders by including their input in the university academic program and getting students to learn from meaningful internships.

The Mufti representative pointed to the coincidence of the fasting periods of Islam and Christianity, and exhorted politicians to find ways to achieve real unity. He also praised AUT initiatives, and thanked its president for the efforts made to assist in the development of the abilities and skills of the young people of the North.

The iftar was organized at the initiative of the North Campus Admissions Department.

Read the National News Agency coverage of the event.

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