AUT Leads Research on Byblos Under The Roman Era

With the participation of restoration architecture expert Dr Rola A. Saadi, AUT led an EU-funded research on the architecture of ancient Byblos during the Roman era and had One Tribe produce Virtual Reality visuals to help visitors visualize Roman Byblos. The visuals will be displayed in the Byblos citadel.

This initiative, iHeritage, has been conducted in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Lebanon and was directed in Lebanon by the Beirut Chamber of Commerce.

AUT VP have the academic statement during the September 22 closing ceremony and will present the work in Palermo, Italy on September 26 during the international conference.

AUT will publish two studies, one about the Neolithic Byblos and another about the armand-era Byblos in collaboration with experts Nada Elias and Rola Saadi.

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