AUT Hosts General Chamel Roukoz

Over 500 people attended a talk with retired general Chamel Roukoz, former commander of the Commando Regiment of the Lebanese Armed Forces.

AUT President Ghada Hinain started the event with a word of welcome. She insisted on the need for reform to remedy the current situation plagued by unprecedented levels of corruption. She also pointed to the role of AUT as a beacon of free speech. 

General Roukoz, who had planted a cedar tree upon his arrival on campus, was interviewed by journalists Aline Farah, from An-Nahar daily, and Hanan Merhej from Sawt el Mada radio station. He regretted that young people had often to resort to politicians to obtain decent jobs, thereby reinforcing the influence of politicians. He encouraged young people to vote for candidates who can bring about change. He pointed to the fact that the recent municipal elections constituted a slap in the face of political parties. Roukoz also spoke about the values acquired during his military career and his future plans.

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