AUT Hosts First Digital Transformation Symposium in the Middle East

Over 25 specialists in digital transformation from various sectors of the economy shared their experience, and spoke of the challenges facing digital transformation in Arab economies, over 3 days, from April 15 to 17, at AUT .

AUT and Knowledge Practices International teamed up to organize this symposium.

Mr. Jean Tawileh, who represented Minister of Economy and Trade, Dr.Alain Hakim, shed light on the efforts made by Minister Hakim to modernize existing laws, and propose new ones that favor entrepreneurship. especially in the digital business. 

Digital transformation in the fields of higher education, telecom, finance, lifestyle, internet, government, cultural heritage, and the experience of non-Arab countries, were presented by speakers from Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Canada, the UK and Italy. Successful digital transformation examples were described and debated by participants in this symposium sponsored by Alfa and SGBL.

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