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The world is changing at an incredible pace. At all levels. The unprecedented advances in technology and communications have changed people’s lifestyle, indeed the whole cultural landscape, as well as the economy and the requirements of the labor market.

Observing the first signs of this evolution, AUT has made the decision, long ago, in fact from its inception, to prepare the new generations for a new era. To remedy the shortcomings of traditional education, AUT put emphasis on developing students’ capacity for teamwork, critical thinking, analytical skills, speaking and writing skills, creativity, and problem solving, which are the skills in high demand by businesses today. The solid theoretical background we provide is supplemented by an application of acquired knowledge in real-life conditions. This new type of education is naturally reflected in the classroom, where students are actively engaged in the learning process.

My young friends, dear students: welcome to the future.

Ghada Hinain


The mission of AUT is to provide an innovative, technology-rich, entrepreneurial, experiential university research and learning environment that produces civically active, market-ready graduates.

AUT History

The American University of Technology was founded by Mrs. Ghada Hinain in 1998 as a non-profit private institution of higher education under the name of American University College of Technology (AUCT).
It was licensed by Presidential Decree No. 2143, dated January 14, 2000.
Full University Status
It acquired full university status by Presidential Decree No. 846, dated January 18, 2008, thus becoming the American University of Technology (AUT).
Working with Leading Universities to Deliver Top-Notch Education

International Academic Partnerships

AUT is proud to have established various forms of cooperation with many prestigious universities all over the world. Here are just a few.

Empire State
Novi Sad
Years of History
Degree Programs
Happy Students

3 Campuses

Main Campus

The main campus is in Halat, on the Byblos highway, 38 kilometers from Beirut. It covers an area of 23,000 m². The central building, the Agora, is in its final construction phase, and already hosts offices, classrooms equipped with the newest technology, advanced computer labs, video and audio production studios, as well as the Issam Fares Auditorium which has 204 seats.

North Campus

Located in the historic Arida Palace in Ras Masqa, Koura, 10 minutes from Tripoli, it’s an architectural gem, with classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a reading room, student lounge, cafeteria, parking lots, and green space.

Akkar Campus

Established in 2015, the Akkar campus is on the Halba main road. It caters for students of the far North.

Human Rights Education

AUT is a pioneer in human rights education, introducing in 2005 a course on Human Rights as a required course for all students. A step that was later followed by other Lebanese and Arab universities.

Lifelong Education

AUT is a member of the governing board of the International Association of Universities of the Third Age (IAUTA), an international movement whose aim is to encourage people no longer in full-time work—those in their third age of life—to come together and continue their enjoyment of learning. AUT offers them weekly lectures and crash courses on subjects of interest to them.

Board of Trustees

Mrs. Mona Nehmé, President

President of Restos du Coeur

Mrs. Ghada Hinain

Founder and President of AUT

Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

Chairman of the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization

Dr. Kenneth Abrams

Former Dean of International Programs, Empire State University

Mr. Pierre Achkar

President of Lebanese Hotel Federation For Tourism Industries & President of Lebanese Hotel Association

Mr. Jamey Shaheen

President, Ditch Witch Middle East

Dr. Nuhad Daghir

Dean Emeritus, American University of Beirut

Me. Joseph Farah

Founder and senior partner at Farah & Associates Law Firm & former President of Caritas MENA

Dr. Dee Fink

Former Director of Instructional Development Program, University of Oklahoma

Mrs. Rola Al Kadhimi

President of ACUA Foundation

Mr. Marcel Hinain

Vice President for External Relations and Development, AUT

Mr. Ihab Matar

CEO of Quest Effect, Hornsby, NSW, Australia & Lebanese MP

Dr. Peter Raad

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA

Dr. Fares Souaid

Medical Doctor & Former Member of Parliament

Mr. Aziz Stephan

CEO of Stephan Contacting & CEO of Green Top Power Projects

Mr. Carl Zouein

Architect & Mayor of Yahshoush

University Administration

Mrs. Ghada Hinain


Dr. Hanna Makhlouf

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Mr. Marcel Hinain

Vice President for External Relations and Development

Dr. Kamal Yazigi

Executive Vice President

Mrs. Nesrine Dannaoui

Vice President for External Projects for MENA Region

Mr. Michael Gholam

Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategy

Dr. Aziz Barbar

Consultant for Enrollment and Accreditation

Dr. Najib Gerges

Director of North Campus & Dean of Admissions

Dr. Gaby Nehme

Academic Director of Akkar Campus

Mrs. Chaza Chdid

Administrative Director of Akkar Campus

Dr. Kamal Yazigi

Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Pierre Al Khoury

Dean of Faculty of Business Administration

Dr. Hanna Greige

Dean of Faculty of Applied Sciences

Dr. Georges Rammouz

Dean of Research

Mrs. Huda Nakad


Ms. Nay Hinain

Student Affairs Director

Mrs. Malake Aswad

Student Affairs Coordinator

Ms. Maya Issa

Personnel Affairs Senior Officer

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