Water Resources
and Geo-Environmental Sciences

Studying Water Resources and Geo-Environmental Sciences

This unique program--the only undergraduate program of its kind in Lebanon--addresses the challenges posed by water scarcity and the increasing demand for water supply. It follows a multidisciplinary approach, integrating hydrogeology, soil sciences, the environment, as well as the socioeconomic and policy aspects of water management.

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to
- Master the most recent technologies in water conservation, water management, water quality, and the improvement of the water infrastructure.
- Stay up to date with the latest research.

Career Opportunities

Graduates work in fields such as waste water treatment and reuse, public and environmental health, water quality monitoring and quality control, water management, water purification and bottling, water treatment plants, and management of dams. They work in the private sector, in NGOs, in the public sector (ministries and municipalities) and in international organizations.

Dive Into the Future


To Graduate

Faculty Requirements: 21 Credits
Specialization Requirements: 43 Credits
General Education Requirements (GER): 26 Credits
Free Electives: 9 Credits
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