AUT Students Earn Babson College Certificates In Entrepreneurship

The forty-seven students from AUT completed the special course Introduction to Entrepreneurship, with the world leader in Entrepreneurship education, BABSON COLLEGE located in the USA.

They received the certificates issued by BABSON COLLEGE through a ceremony held at the AUT Issam Fares Auditorium.

The certificates crown the efforts made by AUT students from all majors to complete the Entrepreneurship course offered by BABSON COLLEGE exclusively to AUT through virtual live lectures and online work using state-of-the-art technology including Webex and EdX. Students had to develop an idea into a project then into a concrete proposal taking in consideration all aspects of business. The pitch they made live to BABSON faculty in the USA counted in the final evaluation of their overall performance.

BABSON COLLEGE has been ranked 1st in the world in Entrepreneurship studies at an undergraduate level for eighteen consecutive years and second at a graduate level after Harvard.

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