Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees


Mrs. Mona Nehme:  President of Restos du Coeur.



Mrs. Ghada Hinain: Founder and President of AUT

Dr. Joseph Farah, Vice - President, Lawyer and president, Caritas MENA                

Mrs. Leila Saleeby, President of the Alumni Association Board at LAU - Former Dean of Admissions at LAU

Prf. Nuhad Daghir, Dean Emeritus at AUB - Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Mr. Pierre Ashkar, Head of the Tourist Institutions Federation

Dr. Fares Souaid, Medical Doctor and Former Member of Parliament      

Prf. Peter Raad, Executive Director, Guildhall, Southern Methodist University- Dallas

Prf. Kenneth Abrams, Former Dean of International Programs-State University of New York

Dr. Dee Fink, Former Dean at Oklahoma University, Founder of Dee Fink and Associates

Mr. Marcel Hinain, Vice-President for External Relations and Development, AUT


Advisory Board

Dr Keith Sharp (former director of the LSE programmes at University of London International Programmes) 

Dr Nabil Husni (Principal of Adma International School) 

Dr Ahmad Tamer (PhD Logistics, General Director, Tripoli Port Authority) 

Mr Ammar Kenaan (CEO of BCTC- Beirut Container Terminal Consortium) 

Mr Rob Rombout (documentary maker and instructor at St Lukas University in Brussels- former VP of SCAM, Belgium) 

Dr Pieter van der Zaag (professor of integrated water resources management at the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, The Netherlands. Holds a professorship at Delft University of Technology.  Head of the Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance) 



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