AUT Sweeps Prizes at HORECA 2018

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For the fourth consecutive year, AUT gets pole position in the cooking competitions organized by the number 1 exhibition for the hospitality industry HORECA.

This year, it was a sweeping victory for AUT: Ten AUT students earned 10 prizes: 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze leaving nothing much to other universities that competed.
The winners were:

Rana El Chaer - Gold Medal (Junior Chef Competition)
Rita Chayban - Gold Medal (Junior Chef Competition)
Joseph Saab - Gold Medal (Junior Chef Competition)
Joe Khoury - Gold Medal (Junior Chef Competition)
Anthony Khashan - Silver Medal (Junior Chef Competition)
Joseph Saab- Silver Medal (Live Junior Chef Competition)
Joe Khoury - Silver Medal (Live Junior Chef Competition)
Rana El Chaer - Bronze Medal (Lebanese Hot & Cold Appetizer Competition)
Joe Khoury - Bronze Medal (Lebanese Hot & Cold Appetizer Competition)
Anthony Khashan - Bronze Medal (Lebanese Bartender)

Competition not limited to universities but extended to the professional community.

This sweeping win shows the leadership of AUT in Hospitality Management at a university level.

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