Commencement Exercises 2019: Hope For A Better Future

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In the presence of representatives of President Michel Aoun, Speaker of the House Nabil Berri and Prime Minister Saad Hariri and of members of parliament and ministers and ambassadors or foreign countries, 495 students of AUT marched for the 18th graduation ceremony held this year on September 12 at Platea Hall.

AUT President Ghada Hinain spoke of the brighter side of the Lebanese current situation sending a strong message of hope to graduates and Invoking the long and rich history of Lebanon.

Executive VP Michel Najjar addressed graduates to encourage them to pursue career paths compatible with their likes and fortes and never be discouraged by failure.

Later during the ceremony President Hinain honored ACE CEO Hani Hakim with a Doctorate Honoris Causa for the highly successful career he had in engineering and construction.

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