Najjar on Mejdel Students Graduation Ceremony: Seek Distinction and Not Simply Success

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AUT senior staff presided over a graduation ceremony organized by Mejdel Municipality for students who passed secondary official exams successfully. Speaking for AUT, Director of admissions Michel Najjar spoke about success and exhorted students to seek higher results in whatever they engage in, pointing to the need of the job market for outstanding students.

Mejdel Mayor Samir Assaker thanked AUT for encouraging success and for sponsoring the ceremony and expressed pride in the association with AUT. The ceremony also hosted the Vatican Rota religious judge Mgr Abdo Yaacoub who insisted on keeping values at the heart of one's action and on preserving national identity. Yaacoub also told the audience that the President of USEK (Kaslik) was a graduate from an affiliate of AUT, the American Lebanese Language Center.
AUT VP Hinain then offered scholarship letters to the successful students.

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