What AUT students say about their summer internship:

191News What-AUT-students-say-about-their-summer-internship

Antoine Sayegh and Elise Saade, enrolled in the London School of Economics program at AUT. Internship at Central Bank.

We discovered how advanced our knowledge of finance was compared to students from other universities and we were year 1 not year 2 or 3! Simply very proud to be in the AUT-LSE program


Scholarship Fund Renewed With Blat Notable Abdo Otayek

190News AUT-and-Abdo-Otayek-Sign-MOU

AUT President Ghada Hinain renewed the agreement signed with Mr. Abdo Otayek to grant residents of the city of Blat financial aid for their studies at AUT. Otayek has partially financed the studies of 78 students during the year 2017-18 and will continue doing so in conjunction with AUT Financial Aid Office.


MP Chawki Daccache Fund At AUT

188News Chawki-Daccache-

AUT has dedicated a scholarship fund to Member of Parliament Chawki Daccache. The fund allows new students recommended by Mr Daccache to get financing up to 40% of tuition fees. Mr Daccache has expressed strong interest in contributing to the efforts of the young people of his circumscription- Keserwan- to get quality higher education at affordable fees and contact with AUT led to the establishment of the Fund. Students who want to benefit from this Fund must get in touch with MP Daccache's office in Okaybeh.

AUT Signs Students Fund MOU With Dr Fady Karam

187News AUT-Signs-Students-Fund-MOU-With-Dr-Fady-Karam-

In order to better reach out to the residents of the Koura district, AUT signed an MOU with the Secretary General of the Strong Republic Parliamentary Bloc, Dr. Fady Karam to establish a fund under his name.


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