The dazzling 16th commencement exercises took place on September 7 at Edde Sands attended by over 1200 guests and parents.

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Keynote speaker, Minister of Foreign Affairs Gibran Bassil had a motivational word for graduates after AUT President spoke about the importance of keeping Lebanon at the center of the graduates long-term interests.
Representatives of SUNY Empire State College, Geneva School of Diplomacy, Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport, AIUTA (Universities for the Third Age) and University of London also had a word each.

The guests which included current ministers, members of Parliament and ambassadors were treated to opera with tenor Eliya Francis before alumni Pierre Akiki and Nazih Youssef were recognized for outstanding success. The conferral of degrees to both AUT and Empire State College graduates ended the ceremony that was followed by a dinner party in the beautiful gardens of Edde Sands.

The 20th anniversary of collaboration between SUNY Empire State College and AUT was celebrated during the party in the presence of 20 alumni and the Executive Director of International Education Francesca Cichello.

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