Mahassen Haddara, Our Alumni ... Our Pride

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Meet Mahassen Haddara, AUT Journalism 2009, the Pioneer of Interfaith Dialogue

Mahassen was appointed Deputy Editor in Chief & Author at "Alliwaa" Newspaper in 2017. She is the founding member of "Youth Center for Dialogue"

Formerly she worked as News Producer at MTV. Mahassen acquired strong effective leadership traits and long 9 years of experience in the field of media, TV production, and journalism. Watching her TV interventions, one cannot but notice her highly developed analytical and managerial abilities and exceptional communication skills.
Away from the challenge of a job, she engaged in a pioneering project to promote peace, human rights and interfaith dialogue. This project emphasizes the influence of social media and networking in sending significant key messages that will promote common interest to face current challenges.
Mahassen's work has been published and covered by various leading media institutions globally, this included translation into 8 languages worldwide.

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